Well one would simply copy paste any web development institute’s curriculum but honestly speaking there is no syllabus for web developer. There are many specific domains such as Front End Web Developer, Back End Web Developer, WordPress Web Developer, LAMP Stack Web Developer, MEAN Stack web developer and many more.

Assuming you are a newbie and you want to learn whole website development on your own.

Well first you need to do the basics –

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. JQuery
  5. Bootstrap (Framework by Twitter for responsive layouts)

This is basic intro to front end.

Then you need to choose one back end from many. For example –

  1. PHP
  2. JAVA
  3. C#
  4. Python
  5. Ruby
  6. NodeJs

Learn any one of the above and utilize your basic front end skills to make productive web applications/websites.

On Going further, You need to know learn frameworks.

Frameworks are set of raw functions created with a standard coding method to help you make better web applications with enhanced security and functionality.

There are front end frameworks as well as back end frameworks.

For Front End –

  1. Angular Js (By Google)
  2. React Js (By Facebook)
  3. Backbone Js and many more

For Back end

  1. PHP – Laravel, CakePHP , Slim3, Yii, Zend, Code Igniter etc.
  2. Python – Django, Flask, Pyramid etc.
  3. Ruby – Ruby on rails, Sinatra, Nancy, Cuba, Grape etc.

Now hands on knowledge on one front end and one back end framework you can create tremendously fast, secure, feature rich web application.

But that’s not it. There are many time when you need to use pre available web application based on above mention technologies.

Suppose you go for PHP for back end technology. You should learn some of the following platforms/CMS.

  1. WordPress
  2. Drupal
  3. Magento
  4. Joomla

The CMS (Content Management Systems) are already created, well maintained open source and private web application with some specific purpose and easily customization option.

If you just want to have a website of your own instead of digging to the whole learning stuff CMS are the answer for you.

Get a Linux shared hosting server with PHP MySQL. Install WordPress. Install a theme. Edit the content and that’s it. You have your very own website.

Hope that helped.