Student Management is capable to handle large amount of student data with accurate information. Student’s interest is the main aim of Genius developers. Teachers and Principal can guide the students in the process of registration and their admissions. The management system is helping the educational Institutes in establishment and to manage student data.

student management model Student Management System

Student Management System

Genius Education management provide capabilities in Schools / Colleges / Universities for registration and enrollment of students in various courses; results of student exams and other assessment scores; creating student schedules and time-table, regular tracking of student attendance, and other student-related data which is essential for the school.

Allocating them class, section, tasks, assignments and Class notes and helping in analysis of the student performance and Teacher’s performance in teaching diverse subjects and courses, the system is also built with the purpose of tracking students daily attendance and manage their academics, tasks, events, leaves using the system.
Moreover, Students will learn about new generation technologies with their daily academic activities with simple architecture and easy to understand user interface for students. Students are the key component of every educational institute. They attend and pursue in an educational institution, which gives them persistent knowledge and ambition to achieve the heights of success.
We have developed the system which can simplify and digitalize the whole operation management of Institutions. With the help of Genius Education management, we have build the structure that young generation will easily understand, as its user interface is very interactive and students can implement it in their daily educational life. Digital integration gives more smart features to the users that are highly comfortable to work with and maintain.